Kintetsu World Express

“The Dutycalc Drawback.Net Drawback software has afforded our company with the means to provide cost effective, profitable, reliable drawback services to a national client base. They (Dutycalc) have provided our company with the highest level of personal and professional service, support and extensive knowledge in both drawback regulations and software applications.

Coming from the days where duty drawback meant spreadsheets, a lot of pencils and erasers and high administrative costs to process—the Drawback.Net Drawback software from Dutycalc was an investment whose return was immediately recognized. The system paid for itself within the first quarter of installation—you can’t ask for a better return from your investment.”

Marty Zima
Staff Manager Corporate & Trade Compliance

Citizen Watch Co. of America, Inc.

“Citizen is proud to be the first user of Dutycalc’ s Canada Drawback System. After several years of filing drawback manually with Canada Customs, Citizen was eager to assist Dutycalc in creating an automated alternative. This new system has allowed Citizen to tremendously increase its efficiency in Canada drawback claims and to cut down its processing time by tenfold. This product is highly recommended to all filers of drawback claims with Canada Customs, whether they are physically located in the U.S. or Canada.

Citizen Watch
Import/Export Department

American Drawback Services

American Shipping
It is extremely user friendly, there is virtually no comparison with other systems.
The people at Dutycalc Data Systems know the subject and their product reflects it.
They are very accessible and responsive to any problems that may arise for clients.

Having worked for the U. S. Customs Service New York drawback office for more than 20 years, retiring as a Supervisory Drawback Specialist/Liquidator, I have a background in seeing a wide range of claim filings from various sources. As a licensed Customs broker, I have seen other systems function. My choice is Drawback.Net. It is head and shoulders above any others.”

Tom Ferramosca

Northstar Drawback Consultants

“As drawback specialists, we need the most up to date, versatile and user friendly data processing system we can find. We have used Drawback.Net for many years and find the software serves our needs and is very user friendly. Our clients benefit from accurate data management and claim processing as provided by the system. It’s also great to know that Customs fully accepts claims processed via Drawback.Net.”

Ron Jacobsen
Vice President

F. G. Wilson Inc.

“It only took Duty Compliance Services (Dutycalc’s consulting division) a few weeks to help us get our drawback program really working after our previous service provider had disappointed. Our drawback process has now been working smoothly for two years and we continue to be very pleased with the results. Not only do the folks at Duty Compliance Services perform in a very much professional, knowledgeable and expert manner but they do it with a personal touch.

Cyril J. Williamson
General Manger

American Seafoods Group, LLC

“‘Ease of Use’ best describes our relationship with Dutycalc. As a self-filer for import and export transactions, we need a complimentary while cost effective tool to prepare and support our Drawback Claims. We find the expretise and timely access for support afforded by the entire Dutycalc staff to be unparalleled by other vendors.”

Jim Rosselot
Import Compliance Officer


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