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We started as, and continue to be, a family owned business.  With our origins dating back to 1977, our team brings over 40 years of experience in duty drawback.  In 1988, Dutycalc was officially reintroduced not only as a drawback consulting specialist which offered a decade of expertise in duty drawback, but also offered a fully automated drawback software that has grown to be the Standard in Drawback Software.  DutyCalc now designs, develops and implements management support systems for the import, export and brokerage communities. Our primary area of focus is Duty Drawback and the implementation of our fully automated Drawback System. Dutycalc is the leading drawback software company—with more than 350 systems implemented throughout the United States.

Our mission is to provide our clients the most convenient way to file drawback claims. Assisted or autonomously. Drawback solutions tailored to your needs.

Our staff members have solid backgrounds in U.S. Customs regulations, duty drawback and computer applications. Automating the drawback process came to life in 1981 with the installation of a custom-designed mainframe package for a major automobile company. Shortly thereafter, the package was modified to operate on personal computers.

The Dutycalc Drawback System is a state of the art Drawback management system fully automating the drawback process. It is compliant with all Customs Regulations, including Tariff Numbers and Schedule B’s. The System is designed to increase the user’s ability to generate drawback claims with complete accuracy as well as added operational control on your PC. The Drawback.Net is currently in operation across the U.S.—including Fortune 500 companies and most of the top U.S. Customs Brokerage Firms.


  • Citizen is proud to be the first user of Dutycalc’ s Canada Drawback System. After several years of filing drawback manually with Canada Customs, Citizen was eager to assist Dutycalc in creating an automated alternative. This new system has allowed Citizen to tremendously increase its efficiency in Canada drawback claims and to cut down its processing time by tenfold. This product is highly recommended to all filers of drawback claims with Canada Customs, whether they are physically located in the U.S. or Canada.

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    Import/Export Department
  • The Dutycalc Drawback.Net Drawback software has afforded our company with the means to provide cost effective, profitable, reliable drawback services to a national client base. They (Dutycalc) have provided our company with the highest level of personal and professional service, support and extensive knowledge in both drawback regulations and software applications.

    Coming from the days where duty drawback meant spreadsheets, a lot of pencils and erasers and high administrative costs to process—the Drawback.Net Drawback software from Dutycalc was an investment whose return was immediately recognized. The system paid for itself within the first quarter of installation—you can’t ask for a better return from your investment.”Marty Zima Staff Manager Corporate & Trade Compliance

    Marty Zima
    Staff Manager Corporate & Trade Compliance