PROCESS & FILE ONLY SERVICE - Duty Calc - Duty Drawback

  • Evaluation of potential drawback and consultation with all appurtenant staff members regarding data capture
  • Preparation and presentation of all necessary applications with U. S. Customs for drawback privileges
  • Compilation and processing of all necessary import/export data in preparation of all substantiating reports and for submission to U. S. Customs
  • Development of a drawback compliance program and audit assistance, in the event of a Customs Audit
  • Filing of duty drawback claims by Dutycalc ABI Service Bureau


Specialized Consultation Services

An additional advantage to working with Duty Compliance Services is our ability to set up clients with their own in-house software package—Drawback.Net—should they choose to bring their drawback in-house following retroactive duty recovery services. Additionally, data used during the retroactive duty recovery process will be automatically available for a client's use when they bring the process in-house.

  • Ease of Use’ best describes our relationship with Dutycalc. As a self-filer for import and export transactions, we need a complimentary while
    cost effective tool to prepare and support our Drawback Claims. We find the expretise and timely access for support afforded by the entire
    Dutycalc staff to be unparalleled by other vendors.

    Jim Rosselot
    Import Compliance Officer - Import Compliance Officer