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What is Drawback

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Drawback is a very valuable scheme for exporters and importers to receive back some of the duty that was paid on imported merchandise that can be returned or destroyed.  It’s important because it allows importers and exporters to recover some of the tariffs they had paid on products.

There are several types of drawback: Unused merchandise, Rejected merchandise, and manufactured goods.  Each of these have their own specifications and companies such as Duty Calc can help you entirely through the process.

Manufacturing drawback typically must have a claim filed by the 3rd year from when it was imported or the 5th year that it was imported.  Keeping good records of all imports and exports is crucial to filing a claim for drawback.

Unused merchandise can have a drawback claim filed within 3 years of the date of import.  To get this refund the products imported must be completely unused and you have to let U.S. Customs know that before the products that are being imported are exported from its original location.

With rejected and unused merchandise a drawback claim can be filed within three years of import and you have to be able to prove that the goods imported were sent without permission from the importer.  However, notice needs to be given to the U.S. Customs before that happens.

For more information on drawback and how DutyCalc can help you ascertain your best methods of recovering duties and taxes, visit our website or feel free to call with any questions.

Note that this article is not intended to provide any legal counsel regarding your ability to obtain Duty Drawback.  CBP


Drawback | What Is Drawback

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Drawback, What is it?

Duty Drawback Software | Import Export Consulting | Processing Filing | Full Service


What is Drawback

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When goods are imported into the U.S., a duty ( aka, a tax) must be paid to the government. But, often times, these items are returned because the items go unused and are sent back exactly how they arrived, or perhaps, they were manufacturing goods that were used on items that are exported or destroyed, or goods were received unintentionally and need to be exported or destroyed. All of these circumstances trigger the ability to receive a refund on any duties paid on the items when they entered the country. The return of the paid duties is called draw-back, and over $350 million dollars in drawback is returned to companies each year.

The draw back process is one of the most complex commercial programs that the U.S. Customs and Border Protection administers and so it is wise to employ a drawback service, like Duty Calc, to ensure that you receive every penny of draw-back that is due to you. However, we encourage all businesses to learn all they can about drawback so they are educated on the long list of activities that trigger a draw-back claim. We recommend reading through The U.S. Customs and Border Protection guide on draw-back and contact Duty Calc with any questions you may have about the process.

By visiting the Duty Calc website you could learn more about the application process for draw-back and how we can help . Our website dutycalc.com provides software used by our clients to provide them up-to-date and user friendly data processing systems to support their drawback claims.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with your draw-back questions and to learn how Duty Calc can provide an efficient way for you to receive money back on all of your draw-back claims.


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