Duty Drawback Software: Drawback.NET

The Dutycalc Drawback System, Drawback.NET, is a state of the art Drawback Management system fully automating the drawback process. It is compliant with all Customs Regulations, including Tariff Numbers and Schedule B’s. The system is designed to increase the user’s ability to generate drawback claims with complete accuracy as well as added operational control on your PC.

Dutycalc is the leading provider of Duty Drawback software in the United States. Dutycalc has implemented Drawback.NET across the United States for Fortune 500 companies and most of the top U.S. Customs Brokerage Firms. Our drawback software ensures complete accuracy in all your Drawback filings. U.S. Customs has been accepting, auditing, liquidating and paying Drawback claims processed on the System since 1981. During this time, not a single Dutycalc client has failed a Customs audit.

Although Dutycalc provides full service solutions, many of our clients prefer to just purchase the software and file their own drawback themselves. This is always an option, and no software out there can assist with the drawback process more than Drawback.NET.

  • “It is extremely user friendly, there is virtually no comparison with other systems. The people at Dutycalc Data Systems know the subject and their product reflects it. They are very accessible and responsive to any problems that may arise for clients.Having worked for the U. S. Customs Service New York drawback office for more than 20 years, retiring as a Supervisory Drawback Specialist/Liquidator, I have a background in seeing a wide range of claim filings from various sources. As a licensed Customs broker, I have seen other systems function. My choice is Drawback.Net. It is head and shoulders above any others.

    Tom Ferramosca
    President - American Drawback Services